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Newborn Photos

I am so excited that baby Michael is finally here and that I was lucky enough to take his newborn photos!  I am SO glad he didn’t come early.  This is such a special story to me.  This little guy’s mommy, Kayla, has been our nanny for two years and has taken great care of our own two little girls.  Michael’s dad was serving in the Army in Afghanistan for almost the entire pregnancy and I never heard Kayla complain once.  She is a much stronger woman than I will ever be!  I can’t imagine getting everything ready to have a baby without Jesse around.

As her pregnancy neared the end we were all worried that Spencer wouldn’t make it home on time.  I think she is one of the few pregnant moms that actually wished for a late baby – at least it wasnt August or September here in Charlotte!  Spencer was originally scheduled to return about a month after Michael’s due date but he got special permission to fly home early.  Talk about a special homecoming!  They were even featured on the local news here in Charlotte.

He did awesome and must have inherited his mom’s laid back personality because once he fell asleep he didn’t make a peep!  Even though his eyes were closed for the majority of the session, I can hardly tell he is going to have some adorably big eyes!  Sometimes a baby comes in and I’ll know right away if he looks like the mom or the dad but it’s too hard to tell with Michael.  I think he favors both of them.  I’m so glad I was able to take these newborn photos for them.  


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