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Back to School for Katie & Alexis

This was another fun back to school photo session!  Full disclosure, these adorable little girls belong to my cousin and visited us in Charlotte after a month-long summer vacation in Cleveland.  When I was pregnant, I thought our girls would look like either Katie or Alexis but we ended up with two brunette daughters with big brown eyes (still beautiful though)!

They are both sweet, beautiful and well behaved children.  Katie is great with my girls and probably one of the most responsible and mature little third graders I have ever known.  She shared with me that she wants to be a photographer (LOVE!) so I let her be the lead photographer in the studio and pick out the backdrops, props and poses. She did a great job!

Alexis is off to kindergarten!  Though she seemed a little unsure about heading off to school, I know she will do great!  Having her big sister on the bus will be a huge help!

She was shy at first but then warmed up to the camera.  Just check out all her faces below!  

Here’s a glimpse into their back to school photo session!


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